Voodoo Ray’s Launch Party

Who else would you ask to officially turn on the neon sign for a Dalston pizza joint (founded by Dalston Superstore’s Dan Beaumont and crew) than A Guy Called Gerald himself? If you haven’t been yet, drop by for a slice of the Giorgio Moroder… Golden Age NYC might have …

The Royal Dalston Hotel

Lyall caught the pop-up bug, and themed Vogue Fabrics upstairs and down as The Royal Dalston Hotel for a limited season of performances and club nights. Last night, Scottee was taking confessions and secrets upstairs, whilst Jonny Woo (above) was mixing it up with Kurt Weill’s Pirate Jenny down in the basement. Some pix here…

Ozon Does Dalston

The nice people at Ozon have given everyone’s favourite postcode the once-over. The club pix are mine, and IMHO they’ve chosen a nice selection from the archive.

Pale Blue Door for Fire and Knives

Fire and Knives — a new quarterly print magazine of food writing — launches in November. Editor Tim Hayward has commissioned us to put together a piece on Tony Hornecker‘s Dalston restaurant pop-up The Pale Blue Door. Stay tuned for the final article, but for now, some of the shots we might use are up on Flickr….

Film Noir at Dalston Superstore

The Film Noir crew took over both floors of the Superstore on the hottest Friday night of the year. Severino’s and Helen Noir’s back-to-back sets of take-no-prisoners, hands-in-the-air afterhours disco and electro set the basement on fire. Fabulous. Pix here.

Dinner Behind the Pale Blue Door

Birthday-eve, Anne-Fay took me for dinner at Dalston’s underground pop-up art/dining experience de jour, behind The Pale Blue Door. All a bit shhh at the moment, so can’t share any more detail than that as to where it is, who is organising, or how to book a table, but we had a lovely evening, and very enjoyed the show from the wonderful-as-always A Man Da Pet. Some pix here, to give you an idea of just how special the evening turned out, up in the boudoir, through the tiny tiny door.

Hot Boy Dancing Spot at Dalston Superstore

Dalston Superstore — East London’s eagerly awaited new venue from the people behind Disco Bloodbath and Trailer Trash — got a prelaunch workout last night. Hot Boy Dancing Spot took over the space (still in the late stages of construction), for a hardhat and high-viz-themed night of eclectic, sweaty (no aircon yet!) fun. Pix here.