London Bombing

11:00 We’re OK.

I’m at Anne-Fay’s place in Dalston, Helen is on her way to Paris on Eurostar. All tube lines shut down, all buses, possibly all trains into London (rumour).

Latest report is at least 20 dead. Aldgate and Aldgate East, which are my local stations, just around the corner from my house, look on TV to be completely shut down with emergency vehicles everywhere.

Mobile networks and lines out of the UK overloaded or shut down (to avoid remote-triggering of more bombs? It’s a rumour).

Not attempting to get home any time soon. Bad memories of Tokyo. Trying to get in touch with friends and clients. Email me if you need to.

BBC asking for mobile video if anyone has clips. Government asking people to not make ‘unnecessary journeys’. It’s not that long a walk home, thankfully.

More later.

11:19: Confimed 6 explosions, at least one between Liverpool and Aldgate/Aldgate East, previous casualty counts discounted, at least 90 casualties at Aldgate. But you can get all this from the real news services. More later.

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  1. Hey,
    Good to see you weren’t caught up in any of it.

    I saw Bruce on msn this morning when I got up, good to know my friends are OK!

    Hope all is well anyway, judging by your website sounds like things are.


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