Summer at Last

Finally a couple of sunny days in a row. Sitting out in the shade after painting the terrace (again, finally). Busy few days — flew up to Edinburgh on Friday to take a brief from Leith, which was my first flight from City Airport. Only about 15 minutes by car from here, check-in 30 minutes before flying, which mean that for an 0800 flight I could get up at 6am and still make it. And fabulous view from window seat banking out over docklands on the way up, beautiful adagio cloudscapes over the Thames estuary flying back in the evening. And nice people to deal with during the day.

Last night out to Hampton Court Palace for Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks. Nothing in the programme mentioned that the palace is under a busy flightpath which spoilt the mood rather during the Barber. But a nice night still.

Have fallen out of the habit of regular posting: there are a lot of half-articulated things I should be getting written, so hopefully back into some discipline and regular writing. Will see. Have recently replaced my old laptop with a Vaio VGN-FS195XP — the screen is not only clear and bright, with exceptional contrast, but as a bonus, is perfectly useable in blinding sunshine, like today. Hopefully that will help with the discipline, even if I’m out here relaxing.