Freshit Release 3 — SAWF: So Let Me EP

Come its December 15th release date, you should be enjoying the cool tech of SAWF’s new EP So Let Me on Freshit Records. The sleeve art features one of my night shots from Shiodome in Tokyo, April this year.


At Stephen’s suggestion, while stuck in Tokyo, I participated in Andrew Losowsky’s Stranded project. Unfortunately, due to work I didn’t get to shoot some of the content Andrew had requested, but some of my shots might end up in the final version of the magazine. In any case, I recommend you check it out. There was some coverage in the Toronto Star yesterday, which features one of my photos.


Thanks to Eyjafjallajökull, I’ve been stranded in Tokyo since 20 April, waiting on a flight to get back to London. Apart from it being very difficult to get on with the day job, having unexpected time in my favourite city has been a joy. I’ve bought an Olympus E-P2, as I really need something a little less conspicuous than my D300 for the occasions when big camera kit is simply not going to get thru the door at clubs or events. Image quality and handling is great, but the flash is — of course — next to useless, and — …


Hmm…have been tidying out the archives, and in the absence of some long-lost Syquest disks, the only screengrab I have of Matisse is this one, which is rather depressing, given that there used to be some much better ones… Ah well…and the source code is lost as well, unless one of you have a copy of it tucked away somewhere…?