Scottee — Cafe

Scottee’s one-day-only cafe/’working-class therapy’ performance at Maiden on Shoreditch High Street… pix here.

Film Noir, 15 August 2008

Helen Noir, Ma Butcher and Ingenue St. John took care of DJ duties, with Nando Messias and Amanda Pet live of stage. Pix here.

Film Noir 18 July 2008

At Bar Music Hall. With DJs Ben Pistor (Disco Bloodbath) and Helen Noir at the decks, a Film Noir Opera starring Ingenue St. John, Amanda Pet and Helen Noir, and special guest star Holestar! Pix here.

Film Noir

More electro/cabaret fun from Helen Noir, Severino, Dickie Beau, Ingenue St. John, Amanda Pet and Nando Messias at Bar Music Hall on Friday 16 May. Photos here!


Some photos from Kubicle (ex of Public Life), commissioned for a soon-to-be magazine (more on that later). See Flickr.

Film Noir Second Birthday Party

We were at Film Noir’s second birthday party at Bar Music Hall on Friday — Helen Noir, Nando Messias, Amanda Pet, Dickie Beau and Ingenue St. John behind the decks, and Camp Actor live on stage. Photos on Flickr.

Film Noir

Jonty Skrufff, Fidelity Kastrow and Helen Noir behind the decks, Miss King and the Kougars live on stage, with Dickie Beau, Miss Akimbo and Crystal Geisha hosting at Bar Music Hall and out on the streets of Shoreditch. Photos on Flickr.