Out There Magazine Issue 2

Issue 2 of the gorgeous Out There magazine includes a four-page feature/interview on me and my photography. The magazine is a labour of love: buy a copy or — better yet — subscribe.


Stranded — the magazine made by contributors (including myself) stuck overseas by Eyjafjallajökull earlier this year — is now on sale. Profits go to the International Rescue Committee. Grab a copy.

Schön! 7

London fashion/style magazine Schön! interviews Masumi. Couple of my shots from this shoot last year, and lovely work by David Sims… grab a copy online or off the shelves…


At Stephen’s suggestion, while stuck in Tokyo, I participated in Andrew Losowsky’s Stranded project. Unfortunately, due to work I didn’t get to shoot some of the content Andrew had requested, but some of my shots might end up in the final version of the magazine. In any case, I recommend you check it out. There was some coverage in the Toronto Star yesterday, which features one of my photos.

Trax Cover

My photo of Hot Chip graces the cover of the upcoming issue of Trax magaxine


New magazine Substance pitches itself as a combined online magazine and shop […] where it’s (sic) audience can contribute words, photos and film. The first issue looks good, and we’re keeping an eye on where they take the idea. If you’ve got a story, go pitch it. They’ve used some photos from my archive to illustrate their story on mephedrone, the ‘plant food’ euphoric currently doing the round of the underground.

Ozon Does Dalston

The nice people at Ozon have given everyone’s favourite postcode the once-over. The club pix are mine, and IMHO they’ve chosen a nice selection from the archive.

Fire and Knives Pale Blue Door Photostory

The first issue of Fire and Knives — Tim Hayward’s quarterly magazine of new writing on food culture, is now out. Currently subscriber-only, so if you want to check it out, visit the link above. Anne-Fay and I contributed a photostory/interview of Tony Hornecker’s Pale Blue Door restaurant/performance/installation. I’m not going to include the photos here (tho they’re on FLickr if you go hunting) — we encourage you to go get yourself a copy of the magazine and support some independent writing.

Dalston Featured in L’uomo Vogue

October’s issue of L’uomo Vogue headlines Dalston as a place where THINGS really happen in the CITY (their caps). I’m not going to argue with that. Rather sweetly, they’ve chosen two of my photos from Superstore to illustrate their point [thanks Emanuele!]. The photos are from Hot Boy Dancing Spot’s pre-pre opening party and Helen Noir‘s night Film Noir.

Pale Blue Door for Fire and Knives

Fire and Knives — a new quarterly print magazine of food writing — launches in November. Editor Tim Hayward has commissioned us to put together a piece on Tony Hornecker‘s Dalston restaurant pop-up The Pale Blue Door. Stay tuned for the final article, but for now, some of the shots we might use are up on Flickr….