Gutterslut/Disco Bloodbath

Two of the East End’s best nights back to back on the Shoreditch-Dalston-Shecklewell axis (AKA the A10 or thereabouts)… pix here and here… [Gutterslut door-bitch superstar James Randall shown above]

Disco Bloodbath 7 February 2009

The DBB crew brought their underground Disco crew to Aldgate on Saturday for a packed night. Some pix here, but my lens froze up a couple of hours in (what is it with me and camera gear failures at the moment?), so far fewer than there should be. Sigh.

Film Noir 18 July 2008

At Bar Music Hall. With DJs Ben Pistor (Disco Bloodbath) and Helen Noir at the decks, a Film Noir Opera starring Ingenue St. John, Amanda Pet and Helen Noir, and special guest star Holestar! Pix here.

Disco Bloodbath

Relocated from a secret Dalston location to an (er) not-quite-so-secret Dalston location, DBB packed the house last night. Photos here.

Disco Bloodbath

In the wild backstreets of Dalston, there was only one destination for the discerning club-goer on Saturday night — Disco Bloodbath. Some photos on Flickr.

Dansistor & Disco Bloodbath

Dansistor is back! Saturday, we braved the cold to spend some time in the company of the HMD/Dansistor crew and their friends from Disco Bloodbath, upstairs at Egg. Photos on Flickr.