MTV #someonelikeme with Cocoon at the O2

Spent Saturday night shooting Sven Väth and friends at The O2 for MTV’s #someonelikeme World AIDS Day party. Thanks to Mariano and the guys at Studio Output for inviting me along. Sven opened his set with Age of Love. The crowd (average age, I’d guess, 20?) went wild.

Last time I saw him play, was after-hours at Maniac Love in Tokyo, 1993. I suspect that track would have been on his playlist that Sunday morning as well. Some songs are timeless.


  1. Hy! How are you ?! I was on this Cocoon party at the O2 arena, can you tell me where can I find some pictures about this party ? some girls are taking pictures with those someonelikeme signs, but I didn’t found any pictures on the facebook under this #someonelikeme hashtag. We have maybe 4 or 5 pictures and we was weating Cocoon Heroes vests. Thanky you,! 🙂

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