Internship Opportunity, London, Oct/Nov 2011. Processing, Arduino, PureData, Wearable Controllers…

We are seeking a motivated & enthusiastic tech intern to work on a show at the Riverside Studios, London, UK in October (rehearsals) & November (the run is 16th – 26th, though not every night).

The candidate must be available for all or most dates – some full days but mostly evenings. We are integrating open- and closed-source sensor and music-production technologies, including Ableton Live/PureData/Processing/Arduino, to create wearable wireless media controllers, and are looking for someone who can become the ‘go-to’ person in case of technical issues. This would involve learning the show so they can set it and test each night and becoming familiar with the programming we have used so that it can be tweaked and/or ‘repaired’ if necessary. The successful candidate doesn’t need to have direct experience of everything we’ve used but must understand the field well enough to be able to come up to speed quickly.

The position may also involve helping to run the sound desk and/or lighting. The company is a lot of fun to work with, and there is scope for collaboration and suggesting creative ideas of your own. Most of us are involved in other companies and the right person could end up with further work but we must stress we are a professional company and this is a prestigious run for us, so we someone prepared to put in the time and who understands a lot of tech rehearsing is sitting around waiting. The position is unpaid but we will be able to cover some expenses.

If interested, please contact darrell AT