Beer and Bells

At the end of the sevententh century it was estimated that beer accounted for 28 percent of the nation’s total expenditure

…according to Pete Brown’s Man Walks Into a Pub: A Sociable History of Beer. He is of course talking about Britain. I’m on a train to Birmingham for the weekend (with a beer). Been busy hunting for a new house, and working. Moving next weekend to just around the corner from the Whitechapel Bell Foundry. View of Docklands and the City. We need to buy architectural salvage gryphons for the corners of the terrace for that Ghostbusters effect…


  1. speaking of which/ the Ghostbusters firehouse is just around the corner from us. they have a great collection of melted telephones on the walls. its a beautiful structure … as are all the old NYC firehouses. the ideal house if one could score one.

  2. How charming for both of you. But do tell us, with whom do you share your abode? You always speak as ‘we’.

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