Cinema Scope / Pass the Pig

OLEDs and epaper with the contrast and resolution of the real thing, foldable and flypost-able like the real thing. Wait til you see what I have in my pocket. And cinema is worrried about HDTV! Let pixel-perfect flowers of the new new media bloom. From Headmap:

The next generation of devices is going to give us new animals, less easilly defined with preconceived ideas

An out-of-content excerpt which fills me with a dreadful excitement.

Which reminds me. Banksy does live animals later this month.


  1. Applied Autonomy bots === live animals?
    This has interesting possibilities.
    Retrofit your pig with a graffiti street painter bot and let the bugger loose. They can, afterall, probably run faster than the “pigs”.
    Oh, and while your at it, make the pig invisible with an OLED custom suit.
    Oh God, I want to be a future child!

  2. wildfire evolution. get the message on the streets then eat the messenger. no evidence for the pigs. ‘we could make the perfect crime’.

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