Begone Dull Care

The bfi has released its Norman McLaren 2 DVD ‘Collector’s Edition’ set. Mine turned up today. Beautiful. Fantastic transfer, and good selection of films. Lines Horizontal (1961), Mosaic (1965) and Synchromy (1971) are extraordinary visual toccatas. Expensive, but worth it. Buy a video projector, tape down the curtains, and turn up the volume.


  1. thank the fucking universe for bfi.
    WHY does so much beautiful stuff just linger unknown.

    my order is in.

    (last seen at Anthology Films NYC on scratchy prints)

    BTW: still hunting for Ladislav Galeta films outside of Budapest.

  2. oh, remember seeing Neighbours when i was about 7 in Terrigal. have an 8mm pixilated film somewhere made with friends thats a direct ripoff of the knee jumping technique (if thats the film I think it is — fence/flower etc)… i remember having sore legs for weeks.

  3. The McLaren has made my day.

    Other good news — The Fabulous World of Jules Verne (Karel Zeman) is available for pre-order on DVD (at least at now if only the Rybczynski HDTV stuff was re-released…sigh

  4. Seems strange that he’s ALSO the guy who did Neighbours. Seems from a different world to the rest of the incredibly formal stuff (which goes well with Bridget Riley, has to be said) — I vaguely remember it from 16mm projection at school. god knows when…

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