Watching Hiraki Sawa’s lovely Dwelling of which I only have a QuickTime cutdown (and thanks to EAST 2002 for the cutdown — anyone with the DVD who wants to sell, please let me know — I missed out through indecision).

Looking for a new flat. I want one with aeroplanes…


  1. yet to see. fucking beautiful day here today, off for a walk to the lovely gasometers (which are the ones in Cronenberg’s _Spider_ if you’ve seen it) — from the corner of Broadway Market fantastic view of the gasometers and Canary Wharf in the distance, with good flightpaths over. Everything above blue.

  2. just remembered that series of “Accidents in the Home” short films. the trajectory of the paper plane into the heater. has a similar quality. hmmm … are they on those Shorts DVDs? where did i see it referenced recently?

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