London Bee Company / Wax

I love Borough Market. The best fresh food in London, and fantastic atmosphere. Their latest newsletter heralds a new stall:

As the same suggests, the London Bee Company specialises in honey produced in the capital, created in hives situated on various rooftops and in green spaces around the city. Spring sees the arrival of Greenwich Sub-Station honey, a dark, unheated honey with a butterscotch flavour. Once the weather is milder the stall will also house an observation hive containing live bees.

I like the thought of bee-trails over London. Which, laterally, gets me to thinking about David Blair’s lovely film Wax, or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees and its hypertext analog, Waxweb. I met David in Tokyo in 1995, and was fortunate enough to get to spend some time with him and his partner, the artist Florence Ormezzano. Wax is worth hunting out, as is any trace of his follow-up project Jews in Space, which seems never to have been ‘properly’ released in its original form, instead having fragmented into various installations and unrealised online works. Given that at the time, David was assembling the film practically frame-by-frame on a Macintosh iici, it’s quite possible he is still working on it. David played us some of Jews as a work-in-progress. Indescribable but wonderful.


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