Last night, care of Helen, we blagged our way to a viewing of The Barber of Seville at the Royal Opera House, organised as a promotional evening by uniqueliveevents.com, a newish consortium formed by BT Broadcast Services and Shooting Partners. The opera was broadcast live from France, and displayed projected via JVC’s QX1 projector (“the highest quality image currently available in the world using DILA technology”). Where we were seated, there was a lot of fan noise from the projector, but the image and sound quality was very good, and the whole uniqueliveevents.com proposition is an interesting one. Their pitch is that they have a network of venues wired up and ready to go, and that they can provide ‘full service’ in getting events streamed live to any of them — or to a location of your choice. The core of their offering is distributed broadcast of large events to people who can’t otherwise attend — linkups with outdoor events, or local viewings of, say, sold-out concerts. I’m going to give them a call next week to get more details of their cost structures and business model — their sales guy seemed to have enjoyed a little too much of the hospitality to give us much detail by the end of the second act.