London Disco Flickr Group

For any of you who are on Flickr and take photos at Horse Meat Disco, Disco Bloodbath and the other disco-centric clubs, I’ve set up a new Flickr group — Once and Future Disco, as a place to save and discuss those nights, people and pictures. Enjoy.

Form 696 is a Bad Thing

The London police have apparently decided that Keeping Track of ‘Dangerous’ Music Scenes will be easier if they mandate the organisers of events to help them keep tabs on both performers and punters, via some new paperwork, Form 696. This is a Bad Thing, and smacks of past efforts to keep young people Firmly In Their Place when it comes to music and nightlife. We’re written about this in more detail over at BigShinyThing — have a read, check out some of the links (including petitions and FaceBook groups dedicated to stopping Form 696 in its tracks), and if you …

A Magazine

Two of my photos were selected by Givenchy’s creative director Riccardo Tisci to accompany a profile of our friend Helen Noir in the current issue of A Magazine. In London, you can find A Magazine at Art Words.

Gutterslut 14 June 2008

Recently moved from Images in Hackney to Hub in Aldgate East (just round the corner from home!). Featuring Nic Fisher, Per QX, Elliott J Brown & Jonty Skrufff behind the decks. Photos here.

London Crawling

A while back, there was reported a new law enforcement surveillance system which could automagically switch/integrate multiple data feeds into a single presentation layer — designed to automatically follow individual people or vehicles, as they pass from one camera/feed to the next. Think it might have been a new toy from Qinetiq. Sounds like their kind of thing — 3D maps with patches of realtime footage from CCTV, helicopter cameras, whatever is available, all integrated in realtime for officers in the field or back at C&C. Anyway. Can’t find it on Google, but there were some very CSI-stylee screengrabs (probably …

London 5

After a long, long wait, the revised Pevsner London 5 — The East End is finally in print. My copy turned up from Amazon a couple of days ago. It’s a brick of a book, not exactly the kind of thing to take on long walks, which is kind of a shame, as that’s the best way to use these guides. Of the current editions, only London Churches is really portable: it’s a big shame that there isn’t an ebook (or even XML) version, which in addition to its portability, would open up endless possibilities for integration with mapping software, …

Blue Moon

…tonight. Beautiful over the Thames. Reading the encyclopedic The Moon: Myth and Image by Jules Cashford: Some North American Indians see a cat in the moon, unravelling the wool of the waning days.