London Crawling

A while back, there was reported a new law enforcement surveillance system which could automagically switch/integrate multiple data feeds into a single presentation layer — designed to automatically follow individual people or vehicles, as they pass from one camera/feed to the next. Think it might have been a new toy from Qinetiq. Sounds like their kind of thing — 3D maps with patches of realtime footage from CCTV, helicopter cameras, whatever is available, all integrated in realtime for officers in the field or back at C&C. Anyway. Can’t find it on Google, but there were some very CSI-stylee screengrabs (probably mockups). But hey. There must be a nice art project in trying to build a realtime 3D video of London just from the intersecting sightlines of all those CCTV cameras — the flipside of the Institute for Applied Autonomy’s camera-evasion route planner. If only it was possible to hook into all those feeds (as is possible to a limited extent via the Wired Shoreditch project).

Would be interesting to see where if there are any surveillance blackspots in central London. Doubt it.