Thanks to Eyjafjallajökull, I’ve been stranded in Tokyo since 20 April, waiting on a flight to get back to London. Apart from it being very difficult to get on with the day job, having unexpected time in my favourite city has been a joy.

I’ve bought an Olympus E-P2, as I really need something a little less conspicuous than my D300 for the occasions when big camera kit is simply not going to get thru the door at clubs or events. Image quality and handling is great, but the flash is — of course — next to useless, and — more importantly for me — has no AF-assist: my ‘from the hip’ technique is pretty dependent on auto-AF which ‘just works’ (thank you Nikon for the CLS and SB800!), so I’m looking at options for LED lighting to replace/augment the flash. More on that soon.

I’ve also taken the opportunity of meeting up with one of my very favourite Flickr people, Jiré Gözen, who very generously took us out clubbing the other night down Shibuya way. After a couple of gin and tonics at Red, we ended up at Trump Room for a bit, before getting turned away at Unit as we lacked photo ID (!).

The E-P2 came with me to the Trump Room. If I’d taken my D300, there would have been more and better shots, but you only learn your way around a new tool through the use of it, so the evening was productive for learning, if not for adding many photos to the archives… we’ll see what I come up with when I’ve got the lighting sorted…

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