Yesterday, we took over downstairs at The Book Club for a photoshoot for Masumi’s upcoming exhibition at the Artcomplex Center, Tokyo, in January 2010. You can find the proofs here. Click the image above for a slideshow. Performer: Masumi TIPSY Saito. Hair and make: Yuka Hirata. Very big thanks to Heather and Matt at The Book Club for use of the space.

Fire and Knives Pale Blue Door Photostory

The first issue of Fire and Knives — Tim Hayward’s quarterly magazine of new writing on food culture, is now out. Currently subscriber-only, so if you want to check it out, visit the link above. Anne-Fay and I contributed a photostory/interview of Tony Hornecker’s Pale Blue Door restaurant/performance/installation. I’m not going to include the photos here (tho they’re on FLickr if you go hunting) — we encourage you to go get yourself a copy of the magazine and support some independent writing.