nTags: a tehcnology to facilitate face-to-face communication in social situations.


Central london — how far are you from a live but inactive cellphone…surely bluetooth range, if there was software to build a mesh from that proximity and use it.

SSIDs as Clan Tags

Community wireless…imagining SSIDs used as virtual tags– ‘”this side of this street is clan ku24″, back up the claim with graffiti tags to proclaim the same in the real world…

net.sack Revisited

Ages ago, we had the idea for the net.sack; a small rucksack thing with stalk camera and headset mic/earpiece, and decent bandwidth cellphone transmitting it all. So you could rent yourself out to whoever is at the other end of the connexion, and they can watch and direct — for remote shopping, tourism in general, whatever makes sense ethically and/or economically.