Cabaret at the Apple Cart Festival

Faces familiar and new at the Apple Cart Cabaret stage, presented by Lisa (Rude Grrl) Lee. Shame about the rain, but the performances (including Dickie Beau’s take on Kenneth Williams (above)) shone regardless.

Sunshine — Leigh Bowery Night at the ICA

Celebrating Leigh Bowery’s 50th birthday, a day of Leigh-related brilliance, starting with Sue Tilley in interview at lunch time, and an evening of performance by the scene stars who knew or were influenced by him, including Scottee, Jonny Woo (above), Fancy Chance, Ryan Styles, Feral, The Trindies…

Beautiful Freaks Private View at Dalston Superstore

Thursday night saw Tony Hornecker and Ralf Obergfell team up for a one-night-only architectural/performance takeover of Dalston Superstore, for the private view of Beautiful Freaks, an exhibition of Ralf’s nightlife photos. Jonny Woo, Ryan Styles, A Man To Pet, Pia Arber, John Sizzle and Per QX were amongst the performers/participants. An amazing launch. Pix here.