Judging The Hospital Club’s I Love… Competition

I’m judging The Hospital Club‘s upcoming photo competition, I Love…, in the fine company of photographic agent Niall Horton-Stephens, Hospital’s Creative Director Ali Hillman, Founder and Director of the Tenderpixel Gallery Etan Ilfeld, the legendary Princess Julia, and Billy Ray Martin . Concept? Straightforward, and open-ended: At the core of its big, beating heart, this a photography competition, which requires the entrants to take a photograph of something they love and then to write no more than 150 words explaining why they love what they photographed, or perhaps how the photo came about. The idea is to visually capture an …

London Club Photography

OK, no posts for months: busy with work and much else. Bought a Nikon D200 and gotten a bit more serious with my club photography, which is keeping me sane. Haven’t really read anything recently worth reporting, although a stack of things await at home. More soon.