Zbig Rybczynski DVDs

A selection of Zbig Rybczynski’s early films and his HDTV work from the 80s is now available on DVD. Shame it isn’t HD-DVD. And shame I don’t have an HD-DVD player. Oh well. Really wish I could find this stuff on Japanese HD laserdisc (and that I had one of those ancient MUSE HI-Vision decks to play them on…)Oh and Happy New Year. I’ve been very busy with work and thinking, and this is the first thing I’ve seen this year that I’ve wanted to post. More to come soon…


After a few months queued up, Jeff’s found me a laserdisc copy of Prospero’s Books on Ebay. Haven’t seen it since the premiere — Sacha Vierny’s lovely side-scrolling tracking in the set pieces (especially the opening credits) is lovely as ever, tho some other bits (Caliban’s cave) are very BBC. Still, a fine thing.