2014 Dark Mofo

Spent a lovely week in Hobart experiencing and shooting the 2014 Dark Mofo festival. Theo asked me to drop by and shoot his show at the Red Death Ball, and the nice people at Supple Fox asked if I could get some shots at one of the Faux Mo events …

Lovebox Sunday 2012

Thanks to Adrian at Lovebox and Dan Beaumont at Dalston Superstore, I was again fortunate enough to have full AAA access to this year’s Lovebox Sunday. Some pix here.

Lovebox 2011 — Sunday

A lovely day in the park (between the torrential showers which appear to have killed the external power pack for my flash), spent backstage with (and in the wings of main stage to shoot) Feral AKA MC Kinky (above — check her bash-tastic new track TWEET RETWEET on Soundcloud) and Jonny Woo, Bourgeois and Maurice and friends, then backstage for the afternoon at the ever-loving NYC Downlow. An excellent day, well-spent. Thanks as always to Lovebox’s Adrian Fillary for AAA press pass, to Scottee for artist passes, and to Caron, Jonny, Liv and George, and to all the Downlow crew …

Lovebox 2010

Thanks to the people running Lovebox 2010, I had a weekend pass to the festival, instructed to come back with “wide shots that show off the scale and beauty of the park” as well as whatever else caught my eye. That’s actually a tricky brief: to get a sense of the scale of Lovebox’s Victoria Park setting, you really need aerial shots. Without access to balloon or microlight, I decided to take the brief as a ‘creative starter’ rather than attempt a too-literal interpretation which would have been doomed to failure or cliche: I was keen to avoid the ‘generic …

Eat Your Heart Out at Field Day

Scottee’s fabulous night of alternative performance, teleported to a tent, Saturday afternoon, in a field, in the rain. Who would have thought?! It worked brilliantly. Performances from Scottee himself, Annabel Sings, Nando Messias, Masumi Tipsy Saito, Theo Adams, The Tenor Ladies… loved it. Pix here.