Azuli Future Disco Release

Azuli’s excellent Future Disco CD comes with a booklet including a couple of my photos from London’s thriving disco scene. Hunt it down.

Disco Bloodbath 7 February 2009

The DBB crew brought their underground Disco crew to Aldgate on Saturday for a packed night. Some pix here, but my lens froze up a couple of hours in (what is it with me and camera gear failures at the moment?), so far fewer than there should be. Sigh.

London Disco Flickr Group

For any of you who are on Flickr and take photos at Horse Meat Disco, Disco Bloodbath and the other disco-centric clubs, I’ve set up a new Flickr group — Once and Future Disco, as a place to save and discuss those nights, people and pictures. Enjoy.

Film Noir at The Horse and Groom

The lovely Film Noir crew have moved from Bar Music Hall to the cozier surroundings of the Horse and Groom. Last night featured Helen Noir and Severino upstairs, and Dickie Beau, A Man Da Pet and Nando Messias drag tag teaming on the decks down in the bar. Strangely, I ended up being door bitch for a few hours, so didn’t get as much camera time as I would have liked, but some nice shots anyways… over on Flickr as always.

Disco Bloodbath

Relocated from a secret Dalston location to an (er) not-quite-so-secret Dalston location, DBB packed the house last night. Photos here.

Disco Bloodbath

In the wild backstreets of Dalston, there was only one destination for the discerning club-goer on Saturday night — Disco Bloodbath. Some photos on Flickr.