Bistrotheque at ICA’s Subcultures Offsite Show

The ICA’s ‘offsite‘ at the Old Selfridges Hotel attempts to chart the course of the leyline that runs through post-punk, underground clubland, alt.cabaret, street style, and rave. I’m not convinced they’ve achieved so ambitious a cartography: but, in the attempt, they’ve persuaded the luminaries of many a scene to prise …


Our favourite series of work-in-progress experimental performance is back at Bistrotheque for its 2011 season. Last night included work by Lavinia Co-Op, Claire Benjamin, Ophelia Bitz, Ingenue St John, Pistol & Jack…


Back to Bistrotheque for the last night of the current season. New work from Blanche du Bois (pictured), Holestar, Russella, Ernesto Sarezale, The Open Mouths. Pix here.


Lazlo Pearlman & Killpussy, A-Man-To-Pet, Helen Noir (with assistance from Nando Messias and Masumi Tipsy Saito (pictured)), Pia Arber, The German Ballet Group, Chris Dangerfield. Pix here.