More on Geolocated MOOs

My earlier post was a little unfair on mudlondon and other geolinked MOOS, I think. By my own definition — location is what becomes of places when things happen there — sites such as mudlondon may well become places, assuming stuff actually does happen there — people gathering, talking, building. My hidden bias and agenda, which I should have articulated at the beginning, is that for the geolinkage to mean much to me personally, the experience of the virtual place must in some way play off, rather than simply representing, its real referent — the fascination for me is in …

Outside the Frame

An appeal of pervasive social media is the desire to push content outside the frame of its containing context.


Hmm…have been tidying out the archives, and in the absence of some long-lost Syquest disks, the only screengrab I have of Matisse is this one, which is rather depressing, given that there used to be some much better ones… Ah well…and the source code is lost as well, unless one of you have a copy of it tucked away somewhere…?