Lost Networks

Somewhere, possibly in Cinnamon Streets, Bruno Schulz writes of the silvery imprint of the footsteps of angels. A couple of nights ago, I was sitting at home after a long dinner and nice wine, watching the lights on my wireless router flickering as people sent me things. The impersonality of the transport of stuff online still frustrates me as strongly as it did years ago. Indications of passage, but absence of presence. Of course there is now a much wider range of social media applications — Instant Messaging, the blogosphere — than when I was first writing about this, but …


Lean-back media brings content to the user, rather than the user having to actively engange with complex systems and delayed gratification. Some thoughts on the experience of ‘traditional’ lean-back media, and how collaborative filtering and DRM could bring the power of p2p to that expereince in a way that the music industry could actually support and encourage.

More on Geolocated MOOs

My earlier post was a little unfair on mudlondon and other geolinked MOOS, I think. By my own definition — location is what becomes of places when things happen there — sites such as mudlondon may well become places, assuming stuff actually does happen there — people gathering, talking, building. My hidden bias and agenda, which I should have articulated at the beginning, is that for the geolinkage to mean much to me personally, the experience of the virtual place must in some way play off, rather than simply representing, its real referent — the fascination for me is in …

Low-Tech Location-Sensitivity

A very simple idea for low-tech location-sensitivity for venues, which usesonly mobile text-messaging, some printed signs and a central database.

Wireless Interventions

We’ve been playing with the idea of ‘air drop’ technology for instant tactical collaboration in found spaces for a few years. I’m wondering if the new ‘PacketPC’ hardware really offers anything new and useful.

Reception Preceeds Perception

Within mediated space, that which is experienced may be physically present, or be delivered into the space digitally from afar. The phenomenology of perception in mediated space is contingent on the phenomenology of reception in such a space.

Outside the Frame

An appeal of pervasive social media is the desire to push content outside the frame of its containing context.