I think there’s a basic fascination in technology which derives from the fact that there’s always a hidden space–a control room, a projection booth, a source of light of some kind — from which the image comes. A painting on canvas, no matter how good it is, is to our eyes more or less flat, or at least flatter than the luminescent image of cinema, television, or the transparencies […] The luminescent image is fascinating because it’s lit with another atmosphere. So two atmospheres intersect to make the image. One of them, the hidden one, is more powerful than the …

Japanese Photobooks of the 1960s and ’70s

This beautifully-assembled collection has been an inspiration over the past few months. There are many amazing images, and beautiful repro/packaging on show, but it’s the sheer narrative surge, the urgency of the photobooks themselves as assemblages that grips me. Give me 90 minutes with Hosoe’s Man and Woman or Kikuji Kawada’s The Map over watching a film (other than Tarkovsky, maybe) any day. An essential purchase, though a frustrating tease for those of us without access to the original books. Shame that so many of the volumes lovingly-reproduced here havent’t been reprinted, and are only available at auction for crazy …

Scottee — Cafe

Scottee’s one-day-only cafe/’working-class therapy’ performance at Maiden on Shoreditch High Street… pix here.


Stranded — the magazine made by contributors (including myself) stuck overseas by Eyjafjallajökull earlier this year — is now on sale. Profits go to the International Rescue Committee. Grab a copy.

Street Knowledge

King Adz’s new Street Culture primer, Street Knowledge, has hit the shelves. Flip through to ‘B’ and you’ll find a nice double-page spread of one of my photos from Slumbarave at Metropolis a while back. Buy a copy and you’ll even be supporting me financially (in a tiny, Amazon Associates kind of way).