Future Disco 3

Sean Brosnan returns with the third release in this rather excellent series. Jump in to find another inspired mix of house-tinged contemporary/nu/new [choose your own genre-tag here] discoid tunes. As with the previous releases in the series, Future Disco 3 is a mix best experienced start-to-finish — Sean has the production of ‘this is a journey’ setlists programmed somewhere deep in his DJ DNA. Enjoy on a sunny day with your feet up. Or on the dancefloor. I’m proud that some more of my clubland photos again feature in the accompanying booklet.

Horse Meat Disco Vol. 2

It’s coming. You know you want it. The second CD compilation from the Vauxhall disco gods doesn’t actually include any of my photos, but the promo video features my Horse Meat Disco-related pix in abundance. Check it on YouTube….

Gutterslut/Disco Bloodbath

Two of the East End’s best nights back to back on the Shoreditch-Dalston-Shecklewell axis (AKA the A10 or thereabouts)… pix here and here… [Gutterslut door-bitch superstar James Randall shown above]