French LGBT site yagg.com is running a feature on gay London — with some of my Dalston Superstore pix in the mix…

Trax Cover

My photo of Hot Chip graces the cover of the upcoming issue of Trax magaxine

Masumi Tipsy Saito in Tokyo

Masumi has posted some snaps of her performance on 15 Jan at the Art Complex Center of Tokyo. Looks fabulous, and I regret I couldn’t make it over to see the show. In her photos you can also see some pictures we shot November last year to accompany the performance. More to come, hopefully, on her return to London…

Hot Chip

Shot Hot Chip at their studio last night for TRAX Magazine. I will upload the rest of the photos when it hits the presses. In the meantime, the one above is a sneak preview… [thanks Mariano for setting this up]

Anders Petersen (again)

‘Really, I want every image to be a kind of self-portrait,’ he says. ‘If I take a picture of that apple on the table, it can be a self-portrait.’ How? I ask. ‘By using whatever is necessary to be true to myself: the light, the darkness, the hunger I have and the innocence. By not thinking. By being as primitive as possible, as raw as possible, as horrible as possible. Using my nerve and my heart and my gut. Then, only after shooting, I will use my brain to select and edit. This is the beautiful and fantastic thing about …

Noise of Art at Sketch

The Noise of Art collective took over Sketch last night to usher in the New Year. Pix here. [Thanks to Shaun O’Connor/Prick Image for access]