Sing For Your Supper

Le Gateau Chocolat (pictured) — one of our all-time favourite performers — and Princess Twinkle Knickers, at The Book Club. Pix here.


Back to Bistrotheque for the last night of the current season. New work from Blanche du Bois (pictured), Holestar, Russella, Ernesto Sarezale, The Open Mouths. Pix here.


Lazlo Pearlman & Killpussy, A-Man-To-Pet, Helen Noir (with assistance from Nando Messias and Masumi Tipsy Saito (pictured)), Pia Arber, The German Ballet Group, Chris Dangerfield. Pix here.

Dalston Featured in L’uomo Vogue

October’s issue of L’uomo Vogue headlines Dalston as a place where THINGS really happen in the CITY (their caps). I’m not going to argue with that. Rather sweetly, they’ve chosen two of my photos from Superstore to illustrate their point [thanks Emanuele!]. The photos are from Hot Boy Dancing Spot’s pre-pre opening party and Helen Noir‘s night Film Noir.

Gutterslut Slut Ball

After two years at Images on Hackney Road, Gutterslut ventured down to Aldgate for their 2009 Slut Ball. Bravely/foolishly, after a couple of weeks of having been documenting stage performance handheld, by available light, I decided to shoot most of the night the same way (with a f3.5 zoom, and my D300 amped up to over ISO 3200, followed by a liberal application of Noiseware Pro on the final image data). Judge the results for yourselves: pix here.

Eat Your Heart Out

Scottee’s eclectic night of performance returned to the Marie Lloyd Bar at the Hackney Empire for a special evening in honour of dancer Masumi Tipsy Saito’s imminent return to Japan. Pix here.

Pale Blue Door for Fire and Knives

Fire and Knives — a new quarterly print magazine of food writing — launches in November. Editor Tim Hayward has commissioned us to put together a piece on Tony Hornecker‘s Dalston restaurant pop-up The Pale Blue Door. Stay tuned for the final article, but for now, some of the shots we might use are up on Flickr….