Slumbarave at Metropolis

The Metropolis “gentlemen’s club” on Cambridge Heath Road has started to hire itself out as a club venue, to offset the recessional downturn in revenue from its usual business. Good news for clubbers, as the space as amazing. Three floors of neon-signposted, fantasy-luxe craziness — from the cozy VIP lounge, up the spiralling sweep of the central stairs, past the wet room (featuring a sparkly 70s-style dune buggy as a prop for any in need of a good hosing-down), to the sandy-but-cozy ‘harem’ room at the top. Magnificent: the only venue I’ve visited in London which comes anywhere near the experience of the upper floors at Tokyo’s legendary Gold, in its heyday.

Last night was the first of a planned-to-be-monthly night from Glastonbury regulars Slumbarave. Check the pix here.