Imagenomic’s Portraiture – An Auto-Tune for Portraits?

I’ve been playing with Imagenomic’s Portraiture 2.0 plugin for Photoshop. Forget masking, smoothing, tweaking portaits — Portraiture does it all.

An Auto-Tune for portraiture? Maybe. It’s not going to turn you into Pascal Dangin. However, start with an image properly lit and posed, tidy up any serious blemishes with Photoshop’s various brushes and stamps, and Portraiture will take care of most of the subsequent masking, smoothing and tweaking, quickly and easily. Even its default settings do a pretty good job. Portraiture also supports Photoshop’s automation processing workflow for batch processing. And, as with Auto-Tune, you can also pull the sliders up to ’11’ for extreme effects.

Available for a two week free full-function trial from Imagenomic’s site. Worth a play.