Disappearing Witness

Recently read Gretchen Garner’s Disappearing Witness: Change in Twentieth-Century American Photography. Decent if selective history of the mainstream movements in American photography in the twentieth century. Nothing revelatory, but all the major names present and correct. Her focus is on the transition of the art from one of ‘spontaneous witness’, to late-twentieth century postmodernism. Would have been more interesting (to me), if she’d also dug a bit deeper to explore the corners of photography where ‘spontaneous’ witness is still alive and well, if transformed — war photography, perhaps, and of course ‘street’ work.


Don’t look at it — just glance! Sometimes in a mere glance one can see more than in the close scrutiny of a thousand details. Bridget Riley

The Object Stares Back

Vision runs back and forth from objects to eyes, and whatever is seen also sees… seeing is self-definition. Objects look back, and their incoming gaze tells me what I am. James Elkins — from The Object Stares Back. Elkins’ books, especially (for me) The Object Stares Back, are fascinating phenomenological pickings-apart of the familiar — art history, perception, representation — into shards of pure revelation. Essential reading.

Gutterslut, 20 December 2008

Gutterslut’s SANTA SUCKS! XXXXXMAS christmas party at Images, with Per QX, Elliott J Brown and Nic Fisher, Ms Crystal MC and a special PA from Feral, and A Man Da Pet on the door. Some pix here…

Film Noir at The Horse and Groom

The lovely Film Noir crew have moved from Bar Music Hall to the cozier surroundings of the Horse and Groom. Last night featured Helen Noir and Severino upstairs, and Dickie Beau, A Man Da Pet and Nando Messias drag tag teaming on the decks down in the bar. Strangely, I ended up being door bitch for a few hours, so didn’t get as much camera time as I would have liked, but some nice shots anyways… over on Flickr as always.

Form 696 is a Bad Thing

The London police have apparently decided that Keeping Track of ‘Dangerous’ Music Scenes will be easier if they mandate the organisers of events to help them keep tabs on both performers and punters, via some new paperwork, Form 696. This is a Bad Thing, and smacks of past efforts to keep young people Firmly In Their Place when it comes to music and nightlife. We’re written about this in more detail over at BigShinyThing — have a read, check out some of the links (including petitions and FaceBook groups dedicated to stopping Form 696 in its tracks), and if you …

King Adz in Acclaim Mag

Nice to see our friend King Adz getting some press back home in Australia, in Acclaim magazine. The photo top left (with CCTV camera — what was that about?) is one of mine, from The Urban Cookbook launch party at Cargo earlier this year. More photos from the night here.

Darrell Featured in Time Out Magazine

It’s nice to be featured as one of London’s ‘premier nightclub shutterbugs’ in this week’s Time Out magazine, alongside Billa Baldwin, Alex Warren and Robin Baharaj.

Eat Your Heart Out

Thursday 11 December — the first night of Scottee’s new performance showcase at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. Pix here.