Glanceware Remotes?

So. Sometime soon, broadbandwidth and QoS sufficient to stream 16/44k1 audio reliably, longhaul. And at some point a bit later, maybe, OMD aggregators which will be able to provide access to most of everything that way.

On my mind at the moment is the question: how to navigate the whole of music space, in a glanceable fashion: minus clunky jogwheels and textual taxonomies. I’m thinking, as rules of the game, to allow only a 5.1 surroundfield and a remote useable one-handed, without any interactivity built into the remote itself — effectively a system which could be used in the dark, or without a screen visible. How to make such a thing that would, with a ‘reasonable’ amount of time/effort spent on interaction, get to the specific tracks anyone wanted, with the whole of world music as the source? It feels possible. More soon.