So Then

Haven’t felt inspired by any Cluster-ish stuff for a while, so have been concentrating my writing energies elsewere: mostly on the occasional piece on BigShinyThing. Some of those posts should probably get elaboration here, as they rapidly get too abstract for the audience over there to be much interested in them, I suspect. Stuff about channels, brands and content which might get somewhere eventually: I’m interested in watching what happens to that trinity as networked individualism (Barry Wellman’s phrase, not mine) really sinks in… Closer to home, I’ve also been hacking at some blog tools, some of which have already been put to work on a retail PR pitch at the end of last year. Sadly, my clients didn’t win it, but I’ve still got the code and may well productise some of it if there is interest. And thoughts on interfaces into the nascent media space where everything is available always. That gets a separate post, shortly.