Feed Me Weird Times

I’ve been looking at the practical details of open calendar services and schedule aggregation/syndication. Seems, at the moment, that there are sufficient tools to make calendar syndication possible, and a gentle bubbling-under of interest in the idea. Personally, I’m of the opinion (a more reflective post on why to follow shortly) that schedule aggregation might well be the Next Big Hyped Thing, so I’ve wanted to check out the state-of-the art. So far, iCal and SunBird seem the best mainstream tools for creation of standards-based, internet-accessible calendar information (over the web via webDAV). The best tool for web-based publication (of locally-stored iCal stores) seems (so far) to be PHPicalendar, which even automagically generates RSS feeds (daily/weekly/monthly up-coming events). Nice. More on this soon.