Albion Drive

(i) “there is no ebb — the face of the wave, rising, becomes a wall, and then the sky” — nothing of significance [so the boy whispers, descending spirals: tastes you on his skin, tastes secrets under the skin of the desire; eating red apples, green fruits from Chinatown + here the bonfire itself: all that will burn, aflame. bring into the garden, love, three lanterns — these nights grow cold. :- the sun has plowed; its gold, now buried deep, motions the becoming — you know, ear-pressed, its clamour [the vanity of under the furrows of Highbury Fields life] …

The Humming Air

The second event from the TATE & EGG project – this
Friday and Saturday sees the collaboration between
Anish Kapoor, the contemporary composer Arvo P䲴
and theatre director Peter Sellars. This project originates
from a suggestion by Anish Kapoor to “temporarily
transform” his epic sculpture in the Tate Modern’s Turbine
Hall “into an instrument and invite a composer to play it”.

Reception Preceeds Perception

Within mediated space, that which is experienced may be physically present, or be delivered into the space digitally from afar. The phenomenology of perception in mediated space is contingent on the phenomenology of reception in such a space.