Content, not Location

With planning and the right tools, it’s possible to travel light and yet maintain (relatively) seamless access to both communication channels (email, instant messaging, etc), and digital stuff. The idea that I need my workstation to access my data is already anachronistic. Access is everywhere: identity is portable.

But so far, digital stuff is stored in a particular somewhere, even if it is accessible roamingly. For me to play my copy of a film, I need guaranteed quality of service between my device & my hosting service. But, assuming the nudeness & pervasive replication of mass media, it is more efficient — yet experientially identical (nude media has no patina, remember) — for me to search for & watch a more topologically nearby copy rather than my more distant (==expensive) instance. Pervasive, weightless media space is best supported by content addressability, rather than location-based addressing.