Hoof and Horn: Nando Messias as Faun

These shots of Nando as the Faun, are the first in a series I’m calling Hoof and Horn. Inspiration? Madame Yevonde‘s Goddesses series, Helen Chadwick, the Ballet Russes, the London underground club scene, the pagans and neo-pagans of Southwark (to whom I owe the project title). The abiding desire: a loosely-framed context within which to lure some of my favourite subjects off the stage, away from the dancefloor, and into the studio. Nando is first. We’ll see where this goes as a project, and I’ll write more about the concept later… This week I’ve also been documenting a performance Nando …

Paul Hartnett Interview

Check out Darrell’s interview with legendary street and youth culture photographer Paul Hartnett over at BigShinyThing. Lots of love for people doing their own thing, but some harsh words for the ‘fashion sheep’.