Wireless Interventions

We’ve been playing with the idea of ‘air drop’ technology for instant tactical collaboration in found spaces for a few years. I’m wondering if the new ‘PacketPC’ hardware really offers anything new and useful.

Reception Preceeds Perception

Within mediated space, that which is experienced may be physically present, or be delivered into the space digitally from afar. The phenomenology of perception in mediated space is contingent on the phenomenology of reception in such a space.

Subsidising Legality

While consumers continue to pay per-byte for access to the weightless web, there’s an unexplored opportunity for content owners to incentivise consumers’ selection of their sources of media rather than bootlegged copies.


nTags: a tehcnology to facilitate face-to-face communication in social situations.


Central london — how far are you from a live but inactive cellphone…surely bluetooth range, if there was software to build a mesh from that proximity and use it.