New magazine Substance pitches itself as a combined online magazine and shop […] where it’s (sic) audience can contribute words, photos and film. The first issue looks good, and we’re keeping an eye on where they take the idea. If you’ve got a story, go pitch it. They’ve used some photos from my archive to illustrate their story on mephedrone, the ‘plant food’ euphoric currently doing the round of the underground.

Ozon Does Dalston

The nice people at Ozon have given everyone’s favourite postcode the once-over. The club pix are mine, and IMHO they’ve chosen a nice selection from the archive.

Christmas at Number 42

“I had a childhood fantasy of having a tea shop with mismatched cups” — Tony Hornecker Tony’s Pale Blue Door installation/performance/pop-up restaurant has been one of our very favourite happenings of 2009. No surprise, then, that his installation Christmas at Number 42, at the Architecture Foundation, is a triumph. Having eaten there a couple of weeks ago, Tony invited me back last night to take some photos before the guests arrived. Pix here. Click the image for a slideshow.

A Festive Happening

The very talented Jonny Woo (above), Scottee, Bourgeois and Maurice, together on stage in their Christmas show at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. Brilliant. Pix here.