Paul Hartnett Interview

Check out Darrell’s interview with legendary street and youth culture photographer Paul Hartnett over at BigShinyThing. Lots of love for people doing their own thing, but some harsh words for the ‘fashion sheep’.

Film Noir

Jonty Skrufff, Fidelity Kastrow and Helen Noir behind the decks, Miss King and the Kougars live on stage, with Dickie Beau, Miss Akimbo and Crystal Geisha hosting at Bar Music Hall and out on the streets of Shoreditch. Photos on Flickr.

Afternoon Tea

Beneath Bethnal Green, an afternoon of cake and mayhem served up by Scottee, Chycca and The-O. Photos on Flickr.


Photos from Dansistor (featuring a performance of Speech by Scottee, Bourgeois and Maurice and Chycca) at Corsica Studios Saturday 10 November 2007 now on Flickr.


Photos from UNDERCONSTRUCTION at Bistrotheque on Tuesday 6 November (featuring Dickie Beau, Le Gateau Chocolat, Marcus Reeves and Holestar) are now up on Flickr.