On Ontology

Nice posting on the Empyre list from Eugene Thacker (23 October 2007) Ontology, what ontology?: [1] The question of being thus aims at an a priori condition of the possibility not only of the sciences which investigate beings of such and such a type – and are thereby already involved in an understanding of being; but it aims also at the condition of the possibility of the ontologies which precede the ontic sciences and found them. All ontology, no matter how rich and tightly knit a system of categories it has at its disposal, remains fundamentally blind and perverts its …


Last night we went to the opening night of Jonny Woo’s International Woman of Mister E, followed by Lavinia Co-Op’s INSTALLATIONS INSTILETTOS as part of the UNDERCONSTRUCTION season at Bistrotheque. Didn’t take pix of Jonny’s performance, but Lavinia Co-op photos are on Flickr. Thx to Lisa as always!

Dansistor and Kaos

We have some new photos from last Saturday night at Dansistor and Kaos. Thanks to Jim and James, and special thanks to Bradley and Helen for access at Kaos.

London Club Photography

OK, no posts for months: busy with work and much else. Bought a Nikon D200 and gotten a bit more serious with my club photography, which is keeping me sane. Haven’t really read anything recently worth reporting, although a stack of things await at home. More soon.


The latest issue of urban culture PDFzine 100ProofTRUTH features a selection of Darrell’s London club photos alongside work by Witold Krassowksi, Kent Baker, The Face Hunter, Faith 47 and Paul Hartnett. Grab your copy online and enjoy.