Air It Up

The pub at the end of my road is just about line-of-sight from my living room window, and just about in range. One day I’ll get around to getting an antenna on the window ledge and decamp up there to work.

Which is the odd thing about wireless networks — you can do it to other people’s space without them being involved. Whats the verb for it? ‘Airing up’?

Local cafe look like a good place to work? Point a Yagi at it and tell your friends.

There should be some interesting synergies between wireless facilitation and different spaces: airing up a cafe = a handy place for meetings and work — what about other public, private places? Restrictive IT policies at work mean you can’t get onto Kazaa? Air it up…

This thought is at a tangent to the good work going on with community wireless, and is more about the interaction of particular spaces + functions…

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